Hintlesham Hall

Hintlesham Hall

New products Old energy use (kWh) New energy use (kWh) Total saving (per year)
600 x GU10/B22/E27/E14/G9 57.8kWh 40.7kWh £3,700

*Based on 10 hours of use, 6 hours a day at £0.15 per kWh

• August 2014

• 16th Century manor house

• August 2013/April 2014

• Retrofit solution

• 32 guest rooms

• Energy bill cut by 1/3

“Our main challenge was finding a supplier that could provide all the different types of lamps we needed. We opted for Lumilife because of its vast product range – from dimmable spotlights for the bedrooms to candle-shaped lamps for the chandeliers in the dining rooms.

“Replacing every lamp in the building was a smart, long-term investment, which more than justified the initial outlay. Calculations show that our investment will pay for itself in just one year, with continued savings for many more to come.”

– Ray Payne Director at Hintelesham Hall

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