Kings Court Business Centre

Kings Court Business Centre

New products Old Products Total saving (per year)
100 x panel lights

100 x T8/T5 fluorescent tube light fixtures


*Based on 10 hours of use, 6 hours a day at £0.15 per kWh

• Birmingham-based office building

• 26 offices

• 42% energy savings

• Number of fittings reduced

• Specified by Drawbridge Properties

“We opted for 40W LUMiLife LED panels as they offered a cost-effective, like-for-like replacement for the existing fluorescent ceiling troughs, and were also suitable for use in the new-build extension.”

“We found the fitting process really straightforward. The 595 by 595mm panels simply slot straight in to the suspended ceiling grids – installation is so quick and easy that anyone can do it. On the technical side, we’ve actually been able to reduce the number of lamps in the building, as the panels are so much brighter than the fluorescent T5 tubes we replaced. As well as delivering a significant reduction in Kings Court’s power consumption and electricity bills, the panels are also set to virtually eliminate lighting maintenance costs for 12 years or more.”

– Stuart Peason, Managing Director at Drawbridge Properties

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